Wisconsin Data Insurance Security Law (WIDSL)

The 2021 Wisconsin Insurance Data Security Law (WIDSL) also known as the 2021 Act 73 was signed into law and published in July 2021. WIDSL requires licensees of the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (WIOCI) such as companies, agents and agencies to protect their information systems and the non-public data of consumers. This obligation requires licensees to assess their environment, provide effective preventative measures, and formally manage security. November 1, 2021 is the first date of the first annual period for required compliance.


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Specifics for Non-exempt licensees include:
• Risk Assessment
• Information Security Plan (ISP)
• Document Retention of ISP Adjustments
• Board of Directors (BoD) Requirements and Responsibilities
• Incident Response Plan (IRP)
• Oversight of Third-party Service Providers
• Annual Report on Compliance (RoC) to the WIOCI

Specifics for All licensees include:
• Investigation of a Cybersecurity Event
• Notification of a Cybersecurity Event to WIOCI
• Notification of a Cybersecurity Event to Consumers and Producers
• Notification of a Third-party Cybersecurity Event to the WIOCI


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This publication is provided as a general overview of the Wisconsin Insurance Data Security Law. The information provided is not to be construed to be legal advice.