DigAwareness™ Effective Security Awareness Training!

Your most critical line of defense between your organization and Global Threat Actors is your Human Firewall. How well are your Human Assets trained to effectively avoid complete compromise of your digital assets, disruption if not termination of business operations and the public’s diminished perception of your organization?

An effective Security Awareness Training initiative is required not only to protect your operations, but also meet compliance requirements. We read about devastating breaches every day of businesses just like those we manage. Many are compromised from technology controls bypassed by the human element. While likely unintentional in the human’s actions, the breach occurred. The human failed to recognize the risk, therefore failed to make the right choice at the most critical time. They couldn't know how to respond - they were not trained.

DigAwareness™ provides effective security awareness training for your Human Firewall. Training that is invaluable when everything is riding on "click or don’t click." You can protect your organizations longevity and Goodwill.

Enroll in DigAwareness™ today. Invest in your most important assets, so they can work diligently to protect your business particularly at that critical moment. It is time to make security a part of your business culture …the way you do business!

SaaS deployment means no installation of software or agents. Simply log in via a secure web session and your employees may begin their training. You are always on the most current version!

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