Certain Clarity of your Security Posture with Penetration Testing

The view of your environment from the attackers point of view …

Do you see what attackers see when your environment is viewed? Attackers look for opportunity. Even small risks may open larger reward.

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Penetration testing is available to any format your organization requires. Different objectives require different approaches in order to provide meaningful results. Our array of tools and approach options ensure the scope analyzed for you is in fact thoroughly reviewed. This provides you with actionable information.

Our baseline toolset starts with Kali Linux. Depending upon the nature of the engagement, we deploy advanced toolsets up to the level of security agency and defense level testing. In every instance we use what is required to deliver results to you as required by business policy, regulators, compliance and auditors.

Areas for Consideration
Hardware, Software, Database, Application, OS Internal v. External
DMZ, Perimeter, Physical Access Black box, White box, Grey box
Point in Time Announced, Unannounced
Continuous Client Networks Within the Business
Lateral Movement Social Engineering, Unwitting Participant
Wireless IoT

A Few Reasons to Penetration Test Your Environment
Risk Prioritization Uncover Vulnerabilities
Determine Likelihood of Attack Vector Evidence-based Investments
Compliance Requirements Post Incident Analysis
Security Response Time Efficiency Understand Lateral Movement

Resolve. We don’t just find the flaws. We can also help you stop them. While it is important to understand the weaknesses in the systems, it is problematic to stop there. Mitigating the newly discovered risks and vulnerabilities discovered in your penetration test doesn’t need to wait. We are available to help. Contact us today!