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  • Advisor and Mentor to the Board, CxO Suite and Management - Leadership, Culture, Strategy

  • Advisor and Trainer for CISOs to boost performance, slash turnover, and avoid expensive mistakes

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  • Leadership, Culture & Strategy
    Great organizations gain an unassailable competitive advantage when they get the 3 BIG things right: Leadership, Culture & Strategy. Over 30 years of leadership experience in war, peace and business, roughly 30,000 hours of research for my Ph.D., books (Leadership: The Warrior’s Art), and articles have shown these three factors consistently deliver sustainable growth and success. They are like the legs of a stool — you need all three in place and aligned to have a stable platform. When you get the 3 BIG things right, the little things begin to make a difference, too.


    We’ve Helped Our Clients Grow by $25 million… and Counting.
    Since 2014, this approach has helped our clients grow by $25 million … and counting. Former senior military professionals understand excellence at very deep levels — they have studied and practiced Leadership, Culture & Strategy for over 20 years in some of the most challenging and dynamic circumstances. We cannot tell business leaders what products to make or nonprofit leaders what causes to support. Once you have a valued product or cause, we help you gain and maintain a durable competitive advantage by working with you on the BIG 3: Leadership, Culture & Strategy.

    Helping Small Businesses and Nonprofits Create a Culture of Excellence Establishing SLA involved over 10,000 hours in additional research. We looked across the military, business, and nonprofit sectors to discover which habits associated with the BIG 3 were essential. We narrowed them down to 5 habits for each. We wrote detailed case studies for businesses and nonprofits for each habit, so we could draw from them to help our clients. Our training and certification program enables these exceptional leaders to translate their experiences and education into highly practical ways to help select small businesses and nonprofits create the culture of excellence needed to grow sustainably.