Ransomware … What is your strategy?

No entity is immune from Ransomware attacks…

There are entities that have strategically planned their defense against Ransomware, and those entities that will be compromised and may cease operations. What is your strategy? Which entity are you?

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While Ransomware infections often originate from the user clicking on a malicious web link or opening an infected attachment, the most complex Ransomware attacks originate from compromised user credentials which are often obtained in Phishing attacks such as those prompted by COVID-19. When these attacks occur, the threat actor has adequate time to enter your network undetected with the compromised user credentials and prepare your environment for their attack. This can include such things as destroying your backups to prevent recovery attempts and offloading your confidential and proprietary data to use against you and your clients.

Ransomware prevention is obtained as a result of conscious preparation of your technology, processes and people. There is no such defense as being to large or to small for threat actors to pay attention to your organization. We are all connected now. Your clients are “connected” to do business with you and you are connected to your vendors. The strength or weakness of their technology, processes and people directly impacts your security posture and vice versa.

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Ransomware encrypts necessary and important files on your computing systems. Threat actors behind the attack are very organized and currently take other steps to make sure your data is not restorable via traditional means. Ransomware is the top threat affecting our information technology resource users. Most often it is transmitted via email received containing an infected hyperlink or an infected file attachment.

Inbound Ransomware cannot be detected unless it can be “seen” by your detection and prevention tools. Also, data backups are critical if they are managed properly with Ransomware behavior in mind, otherwise they can be rendered essentially useless.

Ransomware also enters your systems via unpatched computing devices. Threat actors are easily able to enter unpatched devices and prepare your full network for maximum compromise before releasing the Ransomware into your systems. This planned approach is highly affective as specific resources are targeted to make recovery difficult if not impossible outside of paying the Ransom, after which recovery is never guaranteed. What is the current patch status of all of your devices?


Two measures of protection against Ransomware are technical controls and the Human Firewall. Do your users click and hope for the best? Do you have technology tools in place to cover human error, and are they configured properly and located at the strategic points in your environment? How trained are your users to click or don’t click? Training prepares your users to question motives in the critical situations, and call upon expert resources when any doubt remains.

Ransomware variants are increasing at nearly a 50% annual rate. Global threat actors are readily investing financial resources into less-detectable and stronger variants. Healthcare is the hardest hit business sector due to the value of the information taken hostage. Retail is second only to healthcare. Detection rates are flat due to advancements in Ransomware and a flawed perception by business that they are immune to Ransomware.

Will you allow your business to be forced to do business with the Ransomware threat actors? How highly do you value the Goodwill of your Clients? Should you negotiate your Ransom for your data taken hostage? Do you know how? What happens when the threat actors start publishing your client’s data publicly when you haven’t quickly paid to their demands?

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