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Greg Duckert

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Greg Duckert is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Risk and Enterprise Risk Management.

He is the author of "Data-Centric ERM: Common Sense That Isn't Very Common". He holds 9 professional certifications and an MBA. Mr. Duckert was educated at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and obtained an MBA in Accounting, a BBA in Accounting, and a BA in Economics. He has formed and presented over 30 seminars and conducts a variety of them currently with MIS Training Institute where he is Senior Consultant. He is also a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.

Greg consults with major organizations regarding progressive data centric ERM models designed to make ERM a profit and not a cost center. He also consults with audit departments in building continuous and continual audit / consulting platforms. Mr. Duckert is the sole developer and owner of a proprietary approach to risk assessment and management that is applied to organizations of all sizes. He worked closely with the General Director - Global Automotive Audit & International Dealer Audit and the General Auditor and Chief Risk Officer of General Motors Corporation in transitioning the GM audit shop to his proprietary audit approach known as ORCA™ (Outcome-Risk Centric Auditing). When implemented it resulted in savings of over $40 million in the first 8 months of operation.

Greg is currently under contract with a major multi-billion $ organization to build an ERM data centric model using his proprietary approaches. In addition, he also performs in depth, hands on consulting in the areas of operational analysis and process improvement methodologies. He has developed extensive risk assessment metric inventories for evaluating risks in all organizational areas including operations, IT, regulatory and financial areas which are marketed through Virtual Governance Institute.

Mr. Duckert has addressed the Permanent Undersecretary for Military Affairs of Parliament and the Defense Audit Board of the Ministry of Defense – United Kingdom on the subject matter of creating a risk-based business approach to governmental audit oversight. He has been engaged in the professional practice of Internal Auditing, Risk Assessment and Management for over 40 years. He founded the Internal Audit function of a Fortune 500 corporation at the age of 26 and built the audit department from non-existence into a highly competent Financial, Operational, Information Technology and Regulatory audit body. He was also the General Auditor and Chief Audit Executive at two other major organizations, in the Manufacturing and Health Care industries. His expertise in data-centric Risk Assessment and Management spans virtually all key industry types.


  • Chief Audit Executive of a Fortune 500 company at age 26
  • Chief Audit Executive in Manufacturing and Healthcare Industries
  • Consulted with the Ministry of Defense – UK in Risk Assessment
  • Consulted in Risk Assessment and Management – Multi-billion $ Organizations
  • Data – Centric Risk Assessment
  • Data Centric - Security and Compliance Controls Audit and Analysis
  • Employing Data - Centric Risk & Audit Methodologies – over 25 years


  • vCRO on Demand
  • vCyber Advisor to the Board of Directors
  • Gap Analysis / Risk vs. Controls Instituted
  • Data - Centric Risk Assessment
  • Data - Centric Security and Compliance Controls
  • Policy/Procedures/Standards/Guidelines
  • Data Centric ERM Modules for Compliance and Reporting
  • Data Centric ERM Modules for Strategic Initiatives
  • Data Centric ERM Modules for Cash Generation and Use
  • Data Centric ERM Modules for Governance, Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • Data Centric ERM Modules for IT
  • Enterprise Risk Management - Data Centric - Operations by Industry
  • Consulting in Data-Centric Progressive Audit Methodologies-Internal Audit
  • Vendor/3rd/4th Party Risk Assessment
  • Continuous and Continual Audit / Compliance-tools / programs / processes

  • MBA- Accounting University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • CPA - Certified Public Accountant
  • CRISC – Certified in Risk & Information Systems Control
  • CRMA – Certification in Risk Management Assurance
  • CERMDA – Certified in Enterprise Risk Management Data Analytics
  • CCARDA – Certified in Continual / Continuous Auditing and Risk Data Analytics
  • CFADA – Certified in Fraud Auditing & Data Analytics
  • CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • CIA – Certified Internal Auditor
  • CMA – Certificate in Management Accounting


  • Author: Data-Centric ERM: Common Sense That Isn't Very Common
  • Author: Practical Enterprise Risk Management-A Business Process Approach
  • Author: THE Orphan Farm