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Chris Kolenda, Ph.D. Advisor | Digital Assurance Advisors LLC

Christopher Kolenda, Ph.D.

Phone: +1.571.303.8096
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I'm a leadership expert who specializes in helping high performing CISOs, Cyber Security and Health Care leaders boost C-suite relationships and employee engagement, reduce talent turnover, and slash expensive mistakes. My clients have grown by over $25 million and counting - that's an over 30:1 return on investment for them.

Why do I focus on you? You protect and support people who are not in a position to protect themselves - we count on you to protect our privacy, health, and prosperity against aggressive and adaptive bullies, criminals, and unseen threats and illnesses. We need you to have every edge you can get - that includes bringing out the best in your people and teams, creating strategies that work, and executing with excellence.

Our magic is in helping you get 3 BIG things working together - Leadership, Culture, and Strategy - so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is why my clients have seen such extraordinary results.

Chris is a West Point graduate, internationally renowned combat leader, retired Army Colonel, published author, and business leader who brings his passion and unique background to a mission that is personal and close to his heart -- working with organizations that help to protect and empower those who are not in a position to protect and empower themselves. As a sexual assault survivor, he brings humility, compassion and deeper meaning to the timeless habits of Leadership, Culture, and Strategy.

The author of the critically acclaimed book, Leadership: The Warrior’s Art -- which has sold over 50,000 copies, Chris draws from a storied military career (see CNN Jake Tapper’s bestselling book, The Outpost) and extensive practice and scholarship, to help leaders and teams create and maintain a durable competitive advantage. He has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.


  • Strategic Leaders Academy, Founder. Washington DC, Milwaukee, WI
  • Center for a New American Security, Adjunct Senior Fellow. Washington DC, Milwaukee, WI
  • Kolenda Strategic Leadership, President and CEO. Washington DC
  • Secretary of Defense's personal representative in Afghanistan peace talks
  • Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Washington DC
  • Strategic Advisor to three 4-star Commanding Generals, Afghanistan
  • Task Force Commander in Afghanistan and Germany


  • vCyber Advisor to the Board of Directors - Strategy and Governance
  • Advisor and Mentor to the Board, CxO Suite and Management - Leadership, Culture, Strategy
  • Advisor and Trainer for CISOs to boost performance, slash turnover, and avoid expensive mistakes
  • DigAwareness™ Security Awareness

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Kings College, London
  • The United States Army War College, United States
  • United States Naval War College, United States
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Master of Arts
  • United States Military Academy at West Point, United States


  • Author: The Counterinsurgency Challenge
  • Author: Leadership: The Warrior’s Art