Managed Email Phishing Security

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- Digital Assurance Advisors will take the risk and complexity out of Phishing email. We manage security for you!

Cover The Full Spectrum of Phishing Threats With IRONSCALES Managed Solution

The Power of Fast to Fight Phishing

Speed in Every Dimension for Real-Time Visibility and Control
The immediacy and criticality of phishing threats means you need solutions right now. IRONSCALES is fast to deploy, fast to find, fast to solve, and fast to report. It can set up in less than an hour for even large-scale enterprises with thousands of users.

image - Find and fix phishing attacks in a matter of minutes or even seconds across all your Inboxes
- Access mobile features to remediate phishing threats before you even get to the office
- Clawback malicious emails in all inboxes across your organization with a single click
- Get more done with less people!

Organizations need a comprehensive, automated solution to stop tomorrow’s phishing attacks today. After all, the FBI estimates that phishing attacks cost victims $26 billion from June 2016 to July 2019.

The Power of Seamless to Fight Phishing

A Must Have Among Must Have’s
Our inside-out approach to email security starts from the individual mailbox (or thousands of them!) and works from there to cover the entire spectrum of phishing challenges, both technical and non-technical, from bot-driven malware to social engineering (BEC, impersonation) to gamified awareness training.
- Get comprehensive protection that complements other key tools like Microsoft ATP
- Automate decision-making to accelerate take down and removal of threats across systems
- Cluster similar incidents for faster, more accurate find and fix

Innovation as a Service: Why IRONSCALES Beats Our Competition in Anti-Phishing Software
We are constantly adapting our platform with our ‘innovation as a service’ approach. This philosophy helps us ensure you always have access to fast, easy and complete email security solutions in a single platform.

In a crowded market where everyone claims to be first, IRONSCALES is focused on being last – the last line of defense against any and all phishing attacks. We combine the power of both artificial and human intelligence in an ongoing cycle of innovation to make security solutions easy to get, fast to work, and durable in their effect on your organization’s security posture and processes.

What does this mean for your day-to-day workflow? Our self-learning platform delivers fast, easy, and seamless collaboration. It installs in minutes and works alongside your existing tools and processes, saving you time and money while empowering you to focus resources where they’re needed most. We help our customers leverage more people and attention against threats than any other solution or enterprise in the market, based on how we structure and execute our decentralized intelligence and AI-powered incident response and remediation. This approach exponentially reduces the time required for detection and remediation of attacks.

Remember: The best time to stop a phishing email was before it hit the mailbox. The second best time is now. So don’t wait to see what IRONSCALES can offer.
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