Multi-Factor (MFA) | Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication

-MFA/2FA authentication is the simplest, most effective way to make sure users are who they say they are.

Required Resources

Consider the time, personnel and other resources required to integrate your applications, manage users and devices, and maintain/monitor your solution. Ask your provider what they cover and where you need to fill in the gaps.

MFA 2FA Required Resources

Some two-factor solutions require more time and personnel to integrate with your applications, whether on-premises or cloud-based.

Check that they provide extensive documentation, as well as APIs and SDKs so you can easily implement the solution into every application that your organization relies on.

Like any good security tool, your two-factor solution should give administrators the power they need to support users and devices with minimal hassle.

Look for a solution with a centralized administrative dashboard for a consolidated view of your two-factor deployments, and enables admins to:
+ Easily generate bypass codes for users that forget or lost their phones
+ Add and revoke credentials as needed, without the need to provision and manage physical tokens

Ask your provider if they offer a self-service portal that allows users to manage their own accounts, add or delete devices, and other simple tasks.

Make sure that your solution requires minimal ongoing maintenance and management for lower operating costs. Cloud-hosted solutions are ideal because the vendor handles infrastructure, upgrades and maintenance.

Can you use your existing staff to deploy and maintain this solution, or will you need to hire more personnel or contractors to do the job? Ask your vendor if monitoring or logging is included in the solution.

A solution that requires many additional resources to adapt and scale may not be worth the cost and time. Evaluate whether your solution allows you to easily add new applications or change security policies as your company needs evolve.

MFA 2FA User and Device Management
Can your staff deploy and maintain the solution, or will you need to hire more personnel or contractors?

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