Multi-Factor (MFA) | Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication

-MFA/2FA authentication is the simplest, most effective way to make sure users are who they say they are.

Time to Value Delivered

Experience advanced two-factor authentication, endpoint visibility, custom user policies and more with your free 30-day trial. You’ll see how easy it is to secure your workforce, from anywhere on any device with Duo 2FA.

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Duo through Digital Assurance Advisors lets you try before you buy, helping you set up pilot programs before deploying to your entire organization, with extensive documentation and knowledge articles to help guide you through the evaluation stage.

For faster and easier deployment, Duo provides drop-in integrations for all major cloud apps, VPNs, UNIX and MS remote access points, as well as support for web SDK and APIs. Quickly provision new users with bulk enrollment, self-enrollment, Microsoft Active Directory synchronization, or with the use of Duo Access Gateway for cloud-based applications.

Duo’s authentication app, Duo Mobile, allows users to quickly download the app onto their devices, while a self-service portal also lets users manage their own accounts and devices via an easy web-based login, reducing help desk tickets and support time.

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Cloud-based services deploy faster because they don’t require hardware or software installation.

"Duo increased our security and was an easy tool to deploy; every organization should consider it immediately.”

Chad Spiers
Director of Information Security, Sentara Healthcare

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