Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

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DigAssurance-SOC™ will focus on actual threats, starting on day one. 46% of users see security alerts within the first hour. Attackers never stop. Neither should your Security Operations.

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● Smart, automated data collection and analysis
● Automated threat detection
● Incident response orchestration
● Asset discovery
● Vulnerability assessment
● Intrusion detection
● Behavioral monitoring
● SIEM and Log management

· Network asset discovery
· Software and services discovery
· AWS asset discovery
· Azure asset discovery
· Cloud intrusion detection (AWS, Azure)
· Network intrusion detection (NIDS)
· Host intrusion detecion (HIDS)
· Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

· Vulnerability scanning
· Cloud infrastructure assessment
· User and asset configuration
· Dark web monitoring
· SIEM event correlation, auto-prioritized alarms
· User activity monitoring
· 90 days of online, searchable events
· Forensics querying
· Automate and orchestrate response
· Notifications and ticketing
· Pre-built compliance reporting templates
· Pre-built event reporting templates
· Customizable views and dashboards
· Log storage

What is a managed SOC and how does it work?
Managed SOC, also known as SOC as a Service, is a subscription-based offering whereby organizations outsource threat detection and incident response. Based on the concept of turning an internal security operations center (SOC) into an external cloud-based service, a managed SOC offers IT organizations external cybersecurity experts that monitor your logs, devices, cloud environments, and network for known and evolving advanced threats.

Positioned as a managed service offering, SOC as a Service provides organizations with a team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to monitoring, detecting, and investigating threats across an organization’s entire enterprise. In some cases, remediation of detected threats can be accomplished by the outsourced security team, but in others, the SOC team works in partnership with internal IT teams to remediate detected threats.

A SOC as a Service can offer 24x7 monitoring without requiring organizations to make a significant investment in security software, hardware, and other infrastructure. Instead, organizations can rapidly gain access to a SOC and begin monitoring for cyberthreats, cost-effectively improving the organization’s security posture.

Why use a managed SOC?
Organizations that are serious about their cybersecurity posture may quickly realize how significant the cost will be and time necessary to hire security experts, negotiate and purchase security software and infrastructure, install and configure the SOC, and then begin working to monitor for threats.

So, when organizations are considering the barriers to launching their own SOC, the following issues may be top of mind:
· You have limited internal security and/or SOC expertise
– Managed SOC providers are experts in managing the security operations of organizations from all around the world in every industry vertical.
· There’s not enough budget for capital expenditures
– With SOC as a Service, the capital expenditure normally involved with establishing a SOC is traded for a single, simple monthly operating expense.
· It takes too long to establish your own SOC
– The time normally associated with building a SOC team, obtaining infrastructure, and licensing and implementing software is offset by the SOC as a Service provider’s already-running and manned SOC.
· An internal SOC may not improve the organization’s security posture
– Mixing cutting edge threat intelligence, seasoned cybersecurity analysts, and state-of-the-art security monitoring and response orchestration solutions, an organization’s security posture – both on-premises and in the cloud – can immediately be enhanced the moment the service is implemented.
· An internal SOC may not be cost-effective
– A managed SOC offering can be far less expensive than what it would cost an organization to stand up a SOC themselves. In many cases, the monthly cost for SOC as a Service is less than the cost of just the internal security analysts that would need to be hired (let alone the cost of establishing the SOC itself). At a fraction of the cost of an internal SOC, SOC as a Service is a cost-effective choice.
– With SOC as a Service, organizations rest knowing the entirety of their network environment is under constant watch for new cyberthreats by cybersecurity experts, all for much less than doing it themselves.

Orchestrate and Automate Your Security:
DigAssurance-SOC™ is a highly extensible platform that leverages Apps — modular software components tightly integrated into the Service platform that extend, orchestrate, and automate functionality between the built-in security controls in DigAssurance-SOC™ and other third-party security and productivity tools. You can:
· Collect critical data from your on-premises and cloud infrastructure as well as cloud services
· Enrich your data and analyze it using the latest Threat Intelligence
· Orchestrate and automate your incident investigation and response activities
· Gain new security capabilities as new Apps are introduced into DigAssurance-SOC™ as the threat landscape evolves

Dedicated, Single-Tenant Data Store:
This assures that your data is completely isolated from other customers’ data, compared to multi-tenancy misconfigurations or failures that can result in data leakage and breakage, and that can affect multiple customer accounts.

Your Security Data Secured in Transit:
Every Sensor uses the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to create a secure connection with the central service. Both your SOC Service and each of your Sensors has a unique digital certificate, which are used to securely authenticate one another. Once authenticated, a unique encryption key is created, which then encrypts all security monitoring data sent from the Sensor to your Service, maintaining its confidentiality and its integrity.

Maintaining the Confidentiality of Your Security Data at Rest:
To assure the confidentiality of your security monitoring data at rest, DigAssurance-SOC™ encrypts both your hot (online) and cold (long-term) storage data using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit encryption key, which is unique to your service.

Maintaining Data Integrity in Cold Storage:
Any event and log collected by USM Anywhere is stored within compliant-ready and secure “cold storage.” By default, DigAssurance-SOC™ stores all data associated with a customer’s subdomain in cold storage for the life of the active service subscription.

DigAssurance-SOC™ uses a “write once, read many” (WORM) approach to log storage to prevent log data from being modified or otherwise tampered with. You can download your raw logs at any time by initiating a request from within DigAssurance-SOC™. If you ever decide not to renew your contract, your unique encryption key and data are securely destroyed 90 days after your contract expires.

Operated by Trusted Personnel:
We understand that your security monitoring data is as sensitive as your intellectual property and customer data. Only a very limited number of Digital Assurance Advisors Cybersecurity staff have access to your DigAssurance-SOC™ service, and we use the principle of least privilege in determining that access. Prior to being granted access these individuals must pass a background check, and they are subject to regular training and testing to ensure their familiarity and adherence to our processes and tools.

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